Monday, September 20, 2004

Membrane Description_Press

DEAF04 • 9-20 November 2004

Membrane is a set of large translucent screens suspended throughout DEAF04's Van Nelle exhibition hall. Approaching a Membrane, passersby see people on the opposite side re-projected onto the translucent material. A sweep of the hand reshapes, swirls, thickens and thins what one sees through the membrane via dynamics of water, smoke, shockwaves or particles. The system's visual and acoustic responses evolve according to the activity of the visitors with the passage of time. The interplay between the Membrane's calligraphic media and the visitors' moving bodies generates vortices that entangle the Van Nelle factory site's present visitors and past ghosts.

Turbulence muddies the waters, feeds the social organism, thickens history.


Harry Smoak, Altanta, USA, Creative lead, material design.
Yoichiro Serita, Tokyo, Japan, Lead visual design, flow design, graphics programming.
Sha Xin Wei, Atlanta, USA, Argument, visual design.
Chris Salter, Berlin, Germany, Flow design, sound design.
Joel Ryan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Sound design and programming.
Delphine Nain, Atlanta, USA, Visual effects programming.
Maria Cordell, Atlanta, USA, Visual effects programming.

Topological Media Lab,


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