Sunday, September 19, 2004

more ideas re visuals

key themes:

- membranes should thicken sociality already latent in space
- membranes do this by creating m=more turbulence, vortices in social dynamics, flows
- multiples better than one or two large screens
- avoid calling attention to themselves, or at least minimize spectacle and maximize social thickening
- you see "through" or better: because of it, you pay more attentikon to the space between membranes and more attention to other people (than to yourself)
- encourage play with one another

design ideas for van nelle fabriek hall
- define modules that can be replicated
- establish hint of a topography for the space
- use horizontal membranes to establish traces of horizon parallel to the 3 windowed walls
- use a cluster of vertical to establish a heart to the space

multiple time scales in palimpsest
- immediate response (< second)
-recent past from past festival sessions (hours, days)
- remote past from factory 1930's: use as motion input archival footage of the repetitive taylorist factory women -- queueing past manager handing out worksheets, on assembly lines/tables, boxes of coffee on conveyer belts

visual effects
- start with fog, but wiping/activity brings the other person into form and visibility
(ie like time-reversal of to the diffusion process) you bring the other person's body into definite shape by your activity.

- if we can glue boundary conditions on the lattices across different hosts, (ie by shipping edge cells acorss osc to neighboring host computers), then maybe we can give a dynamical flow coherence to widely separated membranes. we can even introduce time lag to give an antiphonal quality. time lag can vary according to ambient activity -- from "rigid" sync to loose.

- yoichiro: dust or residual mist can float up and collect at the top edge of a membrane
- x: maybe with enough accumulant it can settle as string, start a little ecology
- asymmetrical processing of video from the two sides: eg. in fluid: one person introduces density, the other introduces wind, then switch.

- overall state should respond to degree intensity of local activity
perhaps by moving from showing only historical palimpsest to asynchronous full fx.



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