Monday, September 20, 2004

Harry/Chris Chat Re: Membrane material and Lighting 20.09.04

AIM IM with plateau1389
2:27 PM
Chris Salter: there?
plateau1389: yes! good morning
Chris Salter: good morning
plateau1389: morning for me that is
Chris Salter: xinwei is trying to bring us into a chat
plateau1389: k
2:30 PM
Chris Salter: meanwhile...i'll send you the gant chart....i can export it as html...hmm...lets see if that actually still works
plateau1389: send it it
plateau1389: gatech's mail servers have been down all morning
Chris Salter: it will take time to figure out the html export...meanwhile i'll send you a jpeg...which of course, you can't alter
plateau1389: right
2:35 PM
Chris Salter: seemed to go through this time...maybe it was the firewall here...
plateau1389: got it
Chris Salter: the dates are all provisional, of we don't know much at this moment!
plateau1389: understood
Chris Salter: talked with alex last evening about the timing with material testing...later october...
plateau1389: BTW, I've been playing with this OS X gantt project tool:
Chris Salter: he said...
plateau1389: pretty basic, but it works
plateau1389: oh, and...
Chris Salter: oh good...does it also do pert diagrams
plateau1389: no, not yet
Chris Salter: i'll check this out....
plateau1389: k, so back to Alex...
Chris Salter: we asked to try and do a projection test in the van nelle space this tracking..just to get a sense of scale and flow
Chris Salter: still waiting to hear from pascal here though
Chris Salter: later october he thought...
Chris Salter: but we don't know yet...we'll know more before we leave.
plateau1389: ok, keep me posted
Chris Salter: talk a little about the lighting issues
2:40 PM
Chris Salter: especially since martin is going to soon spec out the lighting stuff for the whole exhibition space
Chris Salter: so its a good time to begin thinking of what we could use.
Chris Salter: what we would need...sorry...cold day here in rotterdam
plateau1389: given the height of the space, we would likely need focused instruments
plateau1389: positioned overhead to light the players as they pass by each of the membranes, but not cast light directly on the membranes
2:45 PM
Chris Salter: essentially a rectangular strip on the front and back sides, slightly away from the screen surface.
plateau1389: yes, exactly
Chris Salter: down light will cast strong shadows...
plateau1389: one fixture one either side (SL and SR) angled should help with that, yes?
Chris Salter: will help smooth out the sharpness of the downlight...
plateau1389: low light levels, just enough to bring out the figures without creating too much contrast/shadow
2:50 PM
Chris Salter: we would then run a direct dmx feed into their main our lanbox would function like a submaster
plateau1389: yes
plateau1389: 2x 1k Fresnels on either side of each mebrane-- could be same DMX channel
Chris Salter: tightly barndoored...
plateau1389: 1 channel for each side
2:55 PM
plateau1389: yes, definitely
Chris Salter: 2 dmx channels per membrane
Chris Salter: so, we would need (for 3 membranes) 6 in total.
plateau1389: 6 channels, 12 instruments
Chris Salter: 12 1K Fresnels
plateau1389: we provide control DMX via LANBOX direct to their main board
Chris Salter: yep...ok, lets put this in the main spec.
3:00 PM
Chris Salter: i'm making a master list here of everything
plateau1389: oh good, I was just starting one. better that we just have one list
Chris Salter: lets see: materials:
Chris Salter: 1. How big is the lexan that you have?
3:05 PM
plateau1389: the samples are 2x4 ft each
plateau1389: spec film is available in any lenght, 4ft standard width
plateau1389: it is .015-
plateau1389: 0
Chris Salter: how much does it run a roll?
plateau1389: between .015-.03 mm thick
plateau1389: I'm estimating $2-3 a linear foot
Chris Salter: per screen then...
plateau1389: 4m x 1.5m = $40
3:10 PM
plateau1389: one sec, let me confirm something
Chris Salter: ok
plateau1389: my estimate was off
plateau1389: $4-6 a linear foot
plateau1389: 4m x 1.5m = $48-60 for lexan
plateau1389: I'd budget $200 per membrane
Chris Salter: so,,,its still affordable
plateau1389: As long as we stay in the films.
Chris Salter: can this lexan wrinkle?
plateau1389: if we move up to more rigid materials it can get real expensive
plateau1389: not without darting
plateau1389: it's amazingly durable
Chris Salter: i assume then we can sleeve or grommet it from the top?
plateau1389: definitely
3:15 PM
Chris Salter: this is made by GE?
plateau1389: it may want to curl a bit if we hang it horizontally
plateau1389: GE Polymer film division
plateau1389: based in Chicago, US (film division)
Chris Salter: if we run two pipes through a sleeve at the top and bottom?
plateau1389: their european distibution headquarters is in NL
Chris Salter: how convenient....
plateau1389: we'd have to grommet it, or clamp it (better)
Chris Salter: just thinking uif we do a test here in october...
Chris Salter: what the best solution would try and get it here or for you to bring it from the states
plateau1389: it's lightweight
plateau1389: once I get the samples back from the airport I can make some inquiries in Chicago about local sourcing and or shipping samples
3:20 PM
Chris Salter: in our talk with alex about budget, he indicated this would be paid by v2...


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