Monday, September 20, 2004

Harry: Notes on Membrane Media Choreography

Harry Smoak: some random, notes, thoughts
Harry Smoak: playful other (solids from gas)
- least "sepectacular"
- backgrounded by smoke
- bodies emerge as their vectors intersect (both bodies? maybe just one side?)

- string model
- individual action can affect the strings, lift is compounded by two or more players in coordinated action
- upward motion raises local activity on the screen, moving thorugh effects, changing background images
- too much activity will push it over to --> teeming masses

wandering lost
- fog low on the ground
- kicked up like dust as people walk by
- dust floats to top of screen and collects
- when enough dust has collected forms the string which begins falling --> transition to playful others

teeming massess
- overload state
- system unable to privilege intimate activity
- calms down to <-- intimate space based on moving average of recent activity
OR decays into <-- wandering lost of if activity is low enough
Xin Wei Sha: let me read and ponder.
Harry Smoak: ok, brb


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