Monday, September 13, 2004

V2 contacs

V2 contacts:

Technical director Martin
Program director / special projects: Stephen Kovats

Eendrachtsstraat 10
(exhibition & store)
Eendrachtsstraat 12
3012 XL Rotterdam
Postbus 19049
3001 BA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Vox +31 10 206 7275
Fax +31 10 206 7271


Blogger cls said...

AIM IM with plateau1389
hey harry...are you online?
i'm taking off for italy in the am
Any more information from V2
,,,not yet
hmmm. need to know how much tech to bring
lets think as much as possible
lets see,,,well, certainly the screen material
why dont we go through the list
what decision on camera stuff
I don't have the list handy. Can you send the latest draft over to me?
uh...yeah, hold on a sec...
Cameras for workshop:
should i bring the led reflectors
- isight + Firewire hub and long cable
ir reflectors, i mean
yes: bring the reflectors
should i also bring the video card i have
- fire-i camera
- wireless analog camera (color)
that means, yes...i should bring the analog video card
Yes, bring the card if you can. I'll bring a CCD camera
as well
hold on a sec///let me consult the list...then we can upload it to the wiki
wait a sec...
ok...lets see...
starting with space stuff:
computers...we asked for one g5, 2.5 GhZ or better...
plus we will all have laptops as case something goes dreadfully wrong
Should I bring one from the lab?
we asked for an LCD or DLP with DVI input...
a g5???
No, small LCD projector with DVI
yes...that would be good if you can
1200 ANCI Lumens
ok, it's preconfigured for EU power. case something goes dreadfully wrong....
can you also bring a bunch of US-Eu adaptors
I'll try to wrangle some together.
they are hard to get here for some reason
ok...going on with camera stuff
ok, good to know
we asked for tripods from v2
plus mini DV cameras
i will bring mine, just in case
for documentation purposes...but we may need it as well as a backup
lighting stuff
plus cabling
I can bring the LANBOX
so...we bring
will we need that?
bringing it back home to holland
what is the longest fire wire cable you have?
ok cool
definitely bring that
will only work for DV video
too long for data (harddrive)
that is ok...i was thinking for the camera
ok...i'll bring the IR emitters....should i bring the IR camera?
harry bring: isight, unibrain firei, wireless analog (color), CCD + lenses
the expensive near field one with
yes, please
the band pass filter at 920 nanometers.
sound is covered here...i willbring the RME breakout box
plus enough 1/4 to RCA adaptors
this is all mostly backup in case v2 totally flakes out...which is always possible...just to warn you
I've been wondering about that.
screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, marking tape,etc
Will I have trouble with customs?
maybe just a normal tool kit...we don't have to deal with electronics
you are flying into amsterdam?
direct from Atlanta
in case they ask...
say it is for an art installation in rotterdam
but never say that you are "working"
i dont suspect you'll have any problems..maybe getting back into the US you will
what about these digitizers that xinwei was talking about?
the AD/DA converter?
if we have these analog cameras...
he has it with him in Boston. I'll make sure he brings it.
are these bnc or rca connectors
on the analog cameras...
is there anything that needs to be converted over to 220V?
BNC, but I have RCA style adapters
ok...what about conversion?
I'll need to check the receiver for the wireless camera, but the CCD cameras are switchable.
23:15 ir camera i believe is switchable...but i have to check it
I'll confirm all powered equipment and post an update.
ok cool...shall i post this to the wiki as the itineraries (text)
i wont have easy email access for the next days so i'm going to give you stephen and martin (the v2 td) emails...
is that OK...?
yes, definitely.
Please send them an email indicating the handoff, and Cc: me.
hold a sec...yes (steve kovats..v2 project manager)
martin taminiau ( td
will do this first thing in the am...will also call steve if i can get him on the phone///
ok...i'll save our talk here and post to the wiki...bring warm clothes...autumn has come
it will be good to see you rotterdam...its an interesting city
Oh, do we have accomodations?
ok///onto packing..will post this...
Wondering if I should bring a sleeping bag.
they know we are coming and steve said in his email that he is confirming i again wrote
and told them exactly how many people and how long....
Ok, I'll just tell immigration that I am staying with Kovats.

oh yes...that is good
or say steim
joel ryan
that is probably better
address in case they ask:
Ah, good idea.
Achtergracht Joel Ryan
Excellent. I can get the rest off the Steim web site.
See you Saturday.
achtergracht 19...
i can be reached on my cell in case of disaster
have a good flight!

September 13, 2004 at 2:53 PM  

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