Friday, September 10, 2004

AIM Chat with Chris Salter, Harry Smoak, Sha Xin Wei

7:59 AM EST (-0800)

Xin Wei Sha: ok here we're in common chat i hope
Harry Smoak: I see you, but not Chris.
Chris Salter: hmmm...are we
Chris Salter: hello all
Harry Smoak: hallo!
8:00 AM
Xin Wei Sha: so chris what's happening with v2 on the space ? do you have any idea
Chris Salter: down to business...
Xin Wei Sha: what the alternatie public space might gbe?
Chris Salter: seems they are having problems with the club
Chris Salter: which i originally thought culd be a prob
Xin Wei Sha: h and i have seen the email from steven -- thx.
Chris Salter: but i didnt say anything...

Chris Salter: at least they have read the spec...xw...i se that martin is still the td
Chris Salter: i would have thought that tg would have finished him

Chris Salter: options:
Chris Salter: 1. i dont know what kind of space they are thinking in terms of public
Chris Salter: but they obviously know the spec
Chris Salter: one might think
Chris Salter: i shouldn't assume anything at the moment
Chris Salter: but what about the possibility of just lifting the screens?
Chris Salter: on a hoist or pulley system...
Chris Salter: would this work?
Chris Salter: we don't have to worry about the metal detectors since we aren't going to use that area anyway
Chris Salter: thoughts my friends?
Harry Smoak: the ceilings in the club space are ~18'
Xin Wei Sha: all sorts of mechanisms could work but we dont havbe the people power and time to do it for v2 deaf , i think. not without someone extra to actually help build.
Harry Smoak: so, no it would not work with the current scale
Chris Salter: just about
Harry Smoak: would need to get them at least 10' off the ground
Xin Wei Sha: what do you think?
Chris Salter: yeah,,but that would be v2 responsibility
Chris Salter: they've obvously been thinking of this
Chris Salter: i mean the exhibition space is also fine...
8:05 AM
Chris Salter: as another option
Harry Smoak: Would we fit? What would we be competing with for traffic flow.
Xin Wei Sha: its a cavernous space? would membrane be lost in it unless it's near some entry?
Chris Salter: could the material be slightlyrolled up?
Chris Salter: its big...the exhibition space...but the trick of multiplying the screens would reinforce
Chris Salter: the work
Harry Smoak: screens could be tabled, pulled up from the bottom
Chris Salter: that was what i was thinking too
Chris Salter: traffic flow
Chris Salter: don't know yet...
Harry Smoak: a passage space would be ideal
Chris Salter: yes, i think so as well
Chris Salter: well, rdam has a history of this kind of they are used to it...afterall, v2 did manage to pull off raphael's piece in the square
Chris Salter: somehow or other

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Harry Smoak: unfamiliar. do you have a link?
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Chris Salter: lets not panic quite yet...there are options and anyway
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Xin Wei Sha: still thinking. about people -- we could definitely find an alternatre location there at las palmas --
Chris Salter: (body movies)
Xin Wei Sha: but should we agitate for moving to a diff loca and statying with fixed screens , or stasying in the main lobby and using lifting scrfeens?
Harry Smoak: oh yeah, right.
Chris Salter: if we are in the lobby...then the screens will have to lifted...
Chris Salter: the screens and cameras...the projectors and speakers can stay
Chris Salter: is there anything else that would have to be flown?
Xin Wei Sha: lobby and club audience would be cool...
Xin Wei Sha: i prefer that, but then it ups the ante on our design.
Chris Salter: well,,,doesn't sound like the club audience would be so cool if they pull the screens down!
8:10 AM
Xin Wei Sha: for ex, it should perhaps work even in :"lifted" mode .. somehwo reactinng to the movement of masses of people in the club
Chris Salter: hmm///
Harry Smoak: no, just screens
Chris Salter: that would be complex....

Harry Smoak: interesting
Chris Salter: it would go wild most likely
Chris Salter: so, another projector mounted higher up?
Xin Wei Sha: we could ask for a second set of fixed projectors aimed high, and switch the video
Chris Salter: positioned from the start
Xin Wei Sha: yep

Chris Salter: time lag here

Harry Smoak: or mount them higher in the ceiling and rear project
Chris Salter: that would look pretty weird...but interesting
Harry Smoak: screens could be at a slight angle
Chris Salter: would have to be
Chris Salter: so...options:
Chris Salter: 1. screens stay in lobby (provided there are not other problems that we don't know about)
Chris Salter: and we see if we can get a second set of projectors to project onto them in lifted mode
Chris Salter: wouldn't we have to have another camera that acts as an "ambient
Chris Salter: one
Chris Salter: to gather data past 11 o'clock?
Xin Wei Sha: (pssst harry said he has to leave in a few minutes... )
Xin Wei Sha: yes thats a cool idea
Harry Smoak: (yes, work meetings)
Chris Salter: did you whisper that in xw's virtual ear?
Chris Salter: work..what a concept
Xin Wei Sha: that was a journaled result -- from past activity
Chris Salter: xw...shall we continue and save the log for hs?
Harry Smoak: yes, please
Xin Wei Sha: one camera could always be aimed ofrm high, down on the floor to sample people flow across the floor
Xin Wei Sha: (yes i will)
8:15 AM
Xin Wei Sha: this would work better as density of crowd increases, in fact
Harry Smoak: ok, talk to you later
Chris Salter: yes...since the club is behind the doors
Harry Smoak has left this chat.
Chris Salter: bye harry...more soon
Xin Wei Sha: see you later harry
Xin Wei Sha: anyway back to v2
Chris Salter: shifting sands, you mean
Chris Salter: well...the flying of the screens should not be difficult
Xin Wei Sha: (actually bardo is an antiterrorist technology ... hmmm -- ok ok)
Chris Salter: yes
Chris Salter: yes
Chris Salter: yes
Chris Salter: why are you a butterfly...sorry, back to v2
Xin Wei Sha: can we pull them up into a positon that keeps them visible to the folsk on the floor below then its worth it
Chris Salter:

Chris Salter: most likely...again, remember that visually the space doesnt seem so high as it does wide
Xin Wei Sha: otheriwse i wooul;dnt want to see all this effor tjust to get them out of the way you know.
Chris Salter: well...yes...but we don't want them covered in beer or lit on fire by someone's joint
8:20 AM
Chris Salter: wait a sec...
Chris Salter: oik..
Chris Salter: back
Chris Salter: i just sent you a pic again...can you judge

Xin Wei Sha: 18' high if the screens are no more than 8 feet tall itd work. in fact that's about what we worked with in tsrb 209
Xin Wei Sha: thx
Xin Wei Sha: i see it -- yes it does seem squat.
Chris Salter: strange space isn't it
Chris Salter: can we put these imgs into the blog as well...?
Chris Salter: so everyone has reference points in our chats?
Xin Wei Sha: fine , so when it's lifted high over head we dont even need to angle the screen -- they'll just be visible form a distance -- but then it's no longer a membrane but a spectacle screen
Chris Salter: yes...just like the club itself
Xin Wei Sha: (yes let me try now)
Chris Salter: but that's just has to be an easy system...pulleying three screens
Xin Wei Sha: (failed)
Chris Salter: dont worry about it xw..we'll try later
Xin Wei Sha: anyway -- lets move on'
Chris Salter: yup
Xin Wei Sha: i have to go pretty soon since my ride is leaving

Chris Salter: so...that would be ne solution
Xin Wei Sha: but i''ll be in my office today
Chris Salter: where are you
Chris Salter: what's your office no?
Xin Wei Sha: at harvard dep of hist of science
Chris Salter: feel like you're home again
8:25 AM
Chris Salter: ok
Xin Wei Sha: anyway, we'll have to create a diff effect
Chris Salter: sure...
Xin Wei Sha: for the "lifted" version --
Xin Wei Sha: more visual design owrk -- we'll need to get sample videos to play with then
Chris Salter: the lifted version..should we perhaps write stephenand say that have a possible solution if the screens need to be lifted?
Chris Salter: or wait...
Chris Salter: of course...that is even more work for them

Xin Wei Sha: yes -- pls do that , but also id liek to see exactyly what the alternative locs are
Chris Salter: ok....
Chris Salter: i'm trying to have a buddhist attitude about verything at the moment////in ay case, i will book my flight from nizza today
Chris Salter: will arrive amsterdam around 13 Uhr on saturday
Xin Wei Sha: ok
Chris Salter: and go straight to rdam
Xin Wei Sha: this is good -- me too
Chris Salter: 99 euro from nizza
Xin Wei Sha: in fact i think the value of this sep could be in bringing us togetehr
Chris Salter: definitely
Chris Salter: looking forwards to that
Xin Wei Sha: to wok together -- y h you me etc.
Chris Salter: yes
Chris Salter: ok...lets talk later when you have time
Xin Wei Sha: i'll be at my office much of the day -- will you be working at hiome then?
Chris Salter: yes...anke is gone to west germany so i am working here away on bardo...
Chris Salter: shoudl i call your cell?
Xin Wei Sha: (i'll just keep my ichat open when im working -- i also sent yoichiro an email, bc i think we should really try to feed him news... i am encouraging delphineto communciate with yoichiro
Xin Wei Sha: Sha Xin Wei
Department of the History of Science • Harvard University
1 Oxford Street • Cambridge, MA 02138
mobile: 1-404-579-4944; phone: 1-617-496-4268
Chris Salter: who is delphine?
8:30 AM
Xin Wei Sha: a phd in cs who is expert in vision, she worked all last year-- ported the fluid flow to max
Chris Salter: she coming to rotterdam???
Xin Wei Sha: worked with yoichiro a little
Xin Wei Sha: she couldnt -- tried to bc she will be in paris and s france for a wedding
Chris Salter:
Xin Wei Sha: but id liek to do aoine conference call with her + y to discuss her external with us
Chris Salter: since we only told v2 4
Xin Wei Sha: it's ok -- shes not coming.
Chris Salter: anyway...i will stay on top of this
Xin Wei Sha: great, thanks!
Chris Salter: i called alex this morning but he was in a meeting
Chris Salter: dont have time to put the sponge thing for tmediale together but will begin the article for creativity and cognition
Xin Wei Sha: we'll talk later then. i need to talk more with h and yoichiro about the visual response too
Chris Salter: and then send pieces to you
Xin Wei Sha: if you have ideas on that -- just feed them to y h and me
Chris Salter: i haven't talked wit jr yet
Xin Wei Sha: he foudn a place for yoichiro on 9/16 at steim.
Chris Salter: yeah!
Chris Salter: that's great...
Xin Wei Sha: ok... later?
Chris Salter: later...
Chris Salter has left this chat.
Xin Wei Sha: ciao take care.


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