Sunday, October 24, 2004

membrane shell code version "041024-membrane_deaf_01" uploaded to

hi membrane jitter folks,

i've made another round of edits --
built rudimentary activity meters, and elapsed activity, based on
hsflow of frame-diff.

now this shell will read in live and recorded video, and do some fading
based on activity.

you should be able to get it from here:

it's got 1.3 mb bc of 2 test videos included in the directory.
not necessary, and will be replaced.

if you make edits or add source code, please update the README.

this is too small for SourceForge, or CVS, but it would be good to
notify each other of mod history and ownership of source code, etc.

soon we should get test results on stability and speed on G5's either
at gt or harvard lab, or if chris can set it up, on his g5 in berlin.
it is not too early to try to build a standalone app, and test to see
what externals are needed and to test speed, robustness.

i'll post this email + README to our blog.


sha xin wei • 1-404-579-4944 • •


Blogger Membrane Project said...

You can pick up and deposit the latest code from

- xw

October 28, 2004 at 8:52 PM  

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