Giselle Beiguelman

Giselle BEIGUELMAN, internationally renowned media artist, scholar and curator is currently Professor at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Sao Paulo (FAU-USP). Her research focuses on contemporary nomadism and digital culture practices. Her recently published book Possible Futures: Art, Museum and Digital Archives, is dedicated to the discussion of preserving digital memory and culture. She was the curator of Tecnofagias – the 3rd 3M Digital Art Show and of the on-line festivals HTTP_Video and HTTP_Pix.

Her art works reflect on urbanity and community as seen through digital media and have been exhibited worldwide at festivals and museums such as ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Gallery @ Calit2 (UCSD, USA) and the Sao Paulo Biennial.

Her current work "Unlooping Film | Cinema sem Volta" 2014 is an endless slideshow fed with Instagram pictures produced by conflicting groups, which use the same hashtags. It performs a battle of language between the multitude and the masses.

BEIGUELMAN’s interventions in public spaces, networked projects and mobile art applications are often characterized by a strong interactivity and incorporation of spectators. Multi-user applications invite to participate in the art work by using mobile devices and sharing music, texts and pictures.

She is also a pioneer in digital poetry, one of her most famous works is "The book after the book" 1999, a hypertextual and visual essay that defines in the source of the page: "The Internet is no more than a big text. On the front, at the screen, text reveals itself as image."

"Giselle BEIGUELMAN attempts to explore the future of reading and wirting in "The Book after the Book", a work focused on nonlinear narrative"
- Stephen WILSON

"The Book after the Book, is a hypertextual and visual essay where criticism and Web art melt into the context of the Net’s reading and writing condition"
- Simone OSTHOFF

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