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Warren NEIDICH's interdisciplinary work as artist and writer focuses on the technological and neuroscientific conditions of contemporary society.  In his writings about cognitive capitalism and cultural production, such as ‘The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism: Part One’ (2013), he examines the influence of technology on visual culture.

NEIDICH works with sound and light installations, photography and film as well as internet downloads and software. His art works portray history in its narrativity and question the meaning of subjectivity in the new media, always analyzing the cognitive and ergonomic influence on both, something NEIDICH refers to as 'Neurobiopolitics'.

Norman BRYSON: Crucial to Neidich’s narrative is that, in modernity, the technologies that have evolved in the sphere of visual communication have come to operate on the subject with particular vehemence, not only in the realm of meaning but in their determining influence on the primary habits and dispositions of experience.

Sven-Olov WALLENSTEIN: Bringing together concepts from neurology and the life sciences, political philosophy and aesthetic theory, theories of immaterial labor and post-Fordist production, Neidich creates a maze of concepts and connections […] exploring them not just as theoretical concepts, […] but as physical and corporeal zones that we can and indeed do inhabit, and that we traverse in the most minute of our everyday activities.

"Departing from recent insights of brain research, the trained biologist NEIDICH searches for strategies to manipulate the process of ongoing cerebral reconstruction. Through artistic means as for instance the performative gesture Warren Neidich attempts to re-conquer those cognitive realms which are normally subjected to the effects and mechanisms of the mass media in a globalised world defined by neoliberalism. By joining scientific and aesthetic knowledge elegantly, Neidich’s work commences right there where reality is first of all constructed: in the neuronal networks of the brain."  Villem Flusser Award 2010: Jury-Statement (Oliver GRAU, Marcel MARBURGER, Sabeth BUCHMANN)

In 'The Search Drive' (2014), NEIDICH recreated his own identity in a video work based on a software program utilized by the NSA. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram are hacked and ransacked to trace over time an autobiographical sketch of activities and friendships. A fiction based on unconfirmed facts is thus built and substitutes for any actual portrait. A uncorroborated story of a fictitious life grows into a kind of monstrosity the result of a program gone haywire.

Warren NEIDICH’s work was internationally exhibited among others at Transmediale, Whitney Museum, Kunsthaus Zürich, Manifesta and The Walker Art Center.

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