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Denisa Kera is a philosopher and designer based in Singapore and Prague working on open science and citizen science issues. She is involved in various open hardware projects with emphasis on supporting research infrastructure in the Global South.

She uses prototypes as critical probes and tools for mobilization, deliberation, reflection and public participation in R&D. Her ethnographic work on various community labs and alternative R&D structures (Hackerspaces, Fablabs, DIYbio) is combined with genealogical interest in the origins of science in the 16th century mechanical arts and early visions of “Academy of Sciences”.

She has extensive experience as a curator of exhibitions and projects related to art, technology and science, and previous career in internet start-ups and journalism. Currently she works as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, where she is also Asia Research Institute and Tembusu college fellow.

Find out more about DENISA KERA, her publications, exhibitions and recent lectures, or download free text pdfs on her ADA profile page:

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