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Jody ZELLEN featured by The ARCHIVE of DIGITAL ART

Jody ZELLEN is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator and author working within the field of digital poetry, imagery and hypermediacy. She has had exhibitions around the world in museums and festivals such as ISEA (Vancouver), FILE (Sao Paolo) and Web Biennial (Istanbul). In addition, her digital drawings were published in several publications such as “Without a trace” (2010), where she analyses image production in information media.

Johanna DRUCKER: “Jody Zellen embraces media as her art form, focusing on both the images and processes that surround and penetrate our current lives and environments. The very methods of mediation often serve as the starting point for her practice.”

C.T. FUNKHOUSER: “Zellen’s combinations [of digital texts and images] broaden and deliver a type of interconnected awareness that singular representations cannot.”

ZELLEN is known for her intermedia work - combining text, image and sound to investigate the pictorial conditions of society within the fields of animation, digital images and drawing. Fragmentation, remixing and modification of texts and images are central in her installations and user devices and challenge participants to question their perception mechanisms. Her apps invite users to actively participate in her art works –allowing them to experiment with new forms of digitisation and question the representation of knowledge within the medium itself.

In one of her latest works “News Wheel” (2015), an application for mobile devices that coins random phrases of current headlines from nine different newspapers, the user can stop the wheel and modify the result for her own desire. In “Time Jitters” (2014), digital photographs, paintings, animations and iPad apps are arranged within a panoramatic view to question the image overload in contemporary society.

Find out more about Jody ZELLEN, her exhibitions, publications and recent art works on her ADA profile page: