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egoscopio engaged new subjectivity formats, reception amidst processes of entropy and acceleration, and transformation of the interface into the message, exploring the context of confusion between art, advertising, and information that digital culture promotes. It involved collective actions in public media spaces, allowing anyone to send, through the egoscope web site, on-line sites to two commercial electronic billboards (180 ft2 each) located in a busy avenue of São Paulo. Because of the project's technological structure - every submission was automatically converted in an avi file in order to be displayed - and the conditions of its transmission on the electronic panels - following the order of ads scheduled to be broadcast - .it was very difficult to differentiate an egoscope insertion from commercial ads and public services, emphasizing the confusion between art, advertising, and information. By this way, it tried to make us recognize the radical transformations new telecommunication systems bring to the forms of creating and organizing the representations in a symbolic universe where the media does not matter and the interface is the message.
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