did you read the east

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Giselle Beiguelman

did you read the east ,
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did you read the east? was a teleintervention conceived the 4th Arte/Cidade edition_ Artecidadezonaleste_ that linked an electronic billboard of São Paulo with any computer connected to the Web.

Participants could choose an image on line, send it, using only your browser, and check the result in the webcam.

The electronic billboard is situated at the Radial Leste, a huge highway that connects the abandoned old industrial East zone to the rich West Zone of SP.

The images submitted to the billboard were a series of messages that dialogue with the graffiti of that area.
In this sense, they functioned as signs that integrate the East zone of São Paulo to the global city, not only by its aesthetics but because of its insertion in situations of acceleration, entropy and visual guerrilla strategies.
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