The Book after the Book

Giselle Beiguelman

The Book after the Book ,
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The Book after the Book is a hypertextual and visual essay about cyberliterature and the net_reading/writing_condition. Its main focus is non-linear narratives, which reconfigure the literature/book relationship starting from the very notion of volume. Works that provide programming language a textual appraisal, creations that resort to videographic procedures in literary construction and play on the passivity and participation of the reader.

Short animations intercept the reading of other artists works playing with the textual condition of the on line image and, at the same time, with the imagetic condition of the screen text. They are all images that perform texts and face the strange passage imposed by the net. Deep down, on the back of the page, at the source, a situation is defined: the Internet is no more than a big text. On the front, at the screen, text reveals itself as image.
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        • semiotics
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