Information Weapons "Super Clean Room"

S. Mikami
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Seiko Mikami

Information Weapons "Super Clean Room" ,
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This project was commissioned for LA MOCA's digital gallery.
  • Information Weapons
    5844 × 4096
This installation took place in a real Super Clean Room at Toyoko Global Environment Laboratory. A "Clean Room" is an artificial air space without any dust or's air contains nothing: no contaminants. Such rooms are maintained in several classes, from "Ultra Clean, class 1, to class 1000, and various sizes, ranging from this 15,000 square foot space, to bed and mouse-size spaces, which were also used in this installation.
Within this context, sixty "information weapons" were installed.The missiles were made of four layers: 1) a protective plastic capsule; 2) class 1 clean air: 3) computer chips, used as a metaphor for information; 4) germicidal yellow light...the special light which is used in this clean environment. To maintain the purity of the air in the clean room, the audience had to go through an air-jet shower to clean off dust and debris, and then put on protective suits, shoes, gloves, and masks to conceal breath, sweat and etc. The intention was to experience an environment where the material of human body is a foreign and detrimental substance. The brain itself, though, is analogous to the super clean room: it completely rejects what is outside of itself...therefore the clean room is a simulacrum of the brain.

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