Prometheus/Hysterical Duet- Interactive Performance


Yiannis Melanitis

Prometheus/Hysterical Duet- Interactive Performance ,
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A male and a female body (Yiannis Melanitis, Marianna Ranis), are suspended 6m from the ground facing each other. An electronic device (a hexapod robot) is attached to the woman's belly pointing towards the abdomen of the male body with its sharp endings. The robot is activated by the woman's scream. The scream is transported via a microphone to the computer, which, in turn activates the sharp endings of the robot in an incidental way. A second computer processes the same scream via the program MAX MSP and responds with a synthetic scream in real-time. The man's body 'responds' with a synthetic scream to the blows that it receives from the peaks of the robot's spikes.

The machine- the robotic mechanism- functions as a extension of the body, as his anatomic continuity. The female scream constitutes the base of the rhythmical sequence of the performance. The reactions of the robot as well as the musical program are derived from her vocal characteristics. Via the technology it is converted into energy which activates the peaks of the robot's spikes against the man's body. As an antipode to this blow, the befalling synthetic cry uses the particular characteristics of the natural scream.

concept:Yiannis Melanitis/ realization: Yiannis Melanitis, Marianna Ranis /Robot programming : Yiannis Skoulidas/Music composing with MAX MSP: Vassilios Kokkas.

(source: Y. Melanitis)
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Technology & Material
hexapod robot
2 computers
program MAX MSP