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Co-Worker: Akke Wagenaar
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    640 × 480
supose we told you about a machine that receives images form heaven would you believe us ? and if we say you may conect to this machine via Cu seeme reflector ? would you try it ? could you believe in a machine that connects you to the globe and the heaven ?
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Technology & Material
1 x Mac PPC 850/180A/V, System 7.6
1 x Ethernet transceiver, Keyboard and mouse
1 x Mac 17” monitor
1 x Sony Audio/Video Sound system amplifier
1 x Sony Surround Sound speakers,5 speakers
1 x Sony VX1000E 3CCD video camera
1 x PC - CU-SeeMe Reflector server
4 x Microphone/Headphone, headset device
50 m Audio speaker cable
50 m BNC video cable
Cable ties, wall screws, plugs, tools etc
RCA and BNC cables short
BNC/RCA plugs adapters, tools etc
Power cables and supplies
Exhibitions & Events