Masaki Fujihata

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Off-Sense is an extended version of Nuzzle Afar.
Both challenges to design a cyberspace as a meeting place. It stands completely opposite position to the famous network game "DOOM". Video image texture and audio conneciton enables to humen common type of communication.

Each avatar contains/generates trace path as a thread like wire line in 3D which enalbes other avatar/people to know the past movement/existance of others.
Once two avatars face together, then two can enter the another avatar(!). Two would be in a new spherical space for intimate contact.

Other additional features for the %Off-Sense" is some artificial intelligences. Autonomous movements and a capabilities of artificial conversations. While no users are in the gallery, avatars are walking and talking autonomously. It is like a noisy fish tank.

(Masaki Fujihata)
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