Diana Domingues

Residues ,
Co-workers & Funding
Grupo Artecno UCS
  • Residues, 1992
    200 × 314
  • video
    176 × 144
"Residues" is a multimedia installation which mixes materials and supports as large photographies, pigments, water, oil reflexion, electronic screens which are present in the same space with the electronic images. The screens show post-production images effects of the residues discovered by the camera on an abandoned site. I offer a dialogue between stable presence of the material as the oil, building broken pieces, and large photographies which are a record of the electronic real. These images are photos that were captured by a camera from a television set. A reflexion surface shows moments of the electronic images like ephemeral residues that pass and return. Topographies and chronotopies, material and immaterial, presence and absence are aesthetic problems for the visitor that in his mind can live these passages. The floor is the surface where our bodies move and it is also the plan which supports the material. Only the electronic images live on the top of the room. The horizontal plan like a grave, is the plan where the body is in a horizontal/vertical tension. The electronic screens are reflected on the oil as a mirror that gives the images another virtual life. The material in natura: oil, water and residues can offer dialogues between the ephemeral images, photographies and may remind the idea of life and death.

The tape shows several passages of the camera images in mutation through the electronic effects. The real dies in the electronic life. What matter is the morphogenetic idea of mutation, regeneration, instability. The mutation begins through a gap in the ceilling when the light goes into the space and causes a life to the things. The shining marks during the post-production electronic process show other stages of the electronic life to the figures: transparences, geometries, colours, mixed screens appear during slow, fast and pauses in the rythm of the images. The idea is to dilate the time and to write and to erase the forms. I think of the mythic power of the light and on the mutant moments of our existence.

  • aesthetics
    • assembled
    • installation-based
    • sculptural
    • site-specific
    • visual
  • genres
    • hybrid art
    • installations
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
ROOM DIMENSION: circa 40m²
MONITORS NUMBER:3" television sets
PROGRAM: VT "Residues"
MATERIAL:residues of building material - oil, water, photographies
DURATION: endless
SOUND: André Coelho - electronic effects
SOUND STUDIO: Sistema Trídio de Comunicação