D. Domingues
Source: D. Domingues

Diana Domingues

In-Viscera , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
  • In-Viscera
    440 × 300
  • vicera
    176 × 144
The installation proposes some poetic moments inside body’ landscapes using images of a scrutinezed body by technological medical devices. An internal camera circuit travel generates videolaparoscopies of viscera, coming from a surgery, that are projected on five large screens, creating a body’s living scenario.

By walking within a large body’s membranes, in full fonction, we inhabit the reverse side of body in a magic and stimulating way. Eco camera records and loud speakers amplifies the visitor's voice provoking a sound living sculture when the body cross between images and sounds of electronic micromoments. We repeat Alice’s displacements inside intimate territories.

Each installation intends to establish secret connections in a paradoxical hybridization of scientific, religious, aesthetic and artistic issues, or, evoking Couchot`s expression: Between trance and algorithm.

  • aesthetics
    • disgusting
    • uncanny
    • visual
  • genres
    • bioart
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • algorithms
    • Body and Psychology
      • anatomy
      • bodies (animal components)
Technology & Material
1 Multimedia projector
4 speakers
1 sound echo camera
1 microphone
1 big projection on a white wall or using a screen about 3,00 m X 4,00 m
4 transparent screens
Installation Requirements / Space
minimum 9m X 4 m X 3m, darked room
Exhibitions & Events