Trans-E: enigmas da pedra

Diana Domingues

Trans-E: enigmas da pedra , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
  • TRANS-E, enigmas da pedra, 1997
    200 × 160
  • TRANS-E, enigmas da pedra, 1997
    200 × 150
The interactive installation offers exchanges of body signals using a sensorized carpet to capture people displacements. The information are sent to a neural network which mangage the artificial system and gives life to the physic environment. A big wall in front of the visitor replicate a stone or a “veil” betweenthe real world and the virtual world. Shamans beleive on the rock as the limit to talk with the ‘spirits’world. The lighted wall shows metamorphoses from North Brazil’s Inga Stone’s pre-historical inscriptions. The mutations of the sequences of images and sounds result from the visitors’ behaviour captured by the sensitivity of the sensors’ dots installed on the floor that transmit the body signals to the machines. The variables determining the behaviour of the network are: where you are, for how long and how many people stand on the sensorized carpet. The carpet dots send the signals of the bodies in each sensorized stage and the neural networks learn some patterns of the participants’ behavior, manipulate this data and provoke “visions” in the room in an enigmatic experience of TRANS-E. The network recognizes some patterns and interprets signals from biological systems translating them into computing paradigms. Neural Networks as an artificial braim, receive and process the biological signals giving back metamorphoses as managing powers of the beyond. NN deals in a non-linear way offering multiples associations or "virtual hallucinations" in real time.

(D. Domingues)
  • aesthetics
    • illusionary
    • immersive
    • projected
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
Technology & Material
Infrared sensors, sensorized carpet, neural network
Xamã 32 – C++
3 D modeled images
Digital video
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