Standby Deliver

Ken E. Rinaldo

Standby Deliver , ongoing
  • Standby Deliver
    500 × 269
"Standby Deliver" - consists of steel plates facing each other and moving back and forth attached to activating motors. Underneath is a lit glass sugar molecule. Visitors have access to chewing gum, which they chew and stick to the plates, which will stretch out, creating long colorful strings of the sticky substance. After many cycles of the plates back and forth motion, the glass sugar molecule is coated with the colorful goo.

This human activated system uses sugar, gum and machine as metaphor for human consumption and waist cycle while offering mouth and eye candy to help the participant question the impact of their addictive consumerist behavior and the sugar tweaked cognition that results.

Kenneth E. Rinaldo
  • aesthetics
    • gustatory
    • installation-based
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    • bioart
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      • interactive installations
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    • Art and Science
      • dynamical systems
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      • senses
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      • consumption
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