Bio-Robotic Symbiosis

Yiannis Melanitis

Bio-Robotic Symbiosis ,
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An integrated environment for animal-machine co-existence
Bio-robotic symbiosis features a hexapod robot, two laboratory mice and the audience. The robot and the mice co-exist in a transparent plexiglass stand that is accessible to the audience. A video camera is attached on the robot sending image data to an originally designed Java program running on a PC. The program analyzes the video input in order to generate random sound and issue motion commands to the robot.

Concept : Melanitis Y./ Java Programming : Sgouros N./ Technical help : Prokopiou P., Kousidou S.
  • aesthetics
    • real-time
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
    • performance art
      • multimedia performances
    • robotic art
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • science
    • Body and Psychology
      • movement
    • Nature and Environment
      • animals
    • Technology and Innovation
      • robots
  • technology
    • hardware
      • cameras
    • interfaces
    • software
      • Java
Technology & Material
hexapod robot, plexiglass stand,
video camera, PC, speakers