Kirschner, Morawe, Reiff

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sense:less was originally commissioned by the Henie-Onstad Art Center for the exhibition Electra '96. The project was realized through support of the Henie-Onstad Art Center and Silicon Graphics Norway.
  • sensegenerator, 1999
    347 × 56
Sensegenerator recombines basic blocks of the german language to form sentences with fresh and unexpected meaning. The physical state of person gives clues for the complexity of the new sentence's structure. Words were sampled from arbitrary texts. sensegenerator uses musical input to fill words into the structure according to frequencies following a simple algorithm.

The music and a human being listening to the music are responsible for the messages generated. During an event in Cologne, Germany, by Mouse on Mars made the music live, travelling through the dark city in a tramway.

The pictures of several cameras recording the surroundings, the live feed of the sensegenerator operating on the music and prepared video footage were mixed live in the train. Cologne's houses and shops were the projection screen for the resulting video output which was constantly rerecorded and shown live on Germany's Music/TV Channel Viva2.

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