SoundSlam 2.0 (w/ Trainer)

Kirschner, Morawe, Reiff

SoundSlam 2.0 (w/ Trainer) ,
Co-workers & Funding
  • Soundslam 2.0, 2002
    346 × 144
SoundSlam already was a lot of fun, but it lacked the motivation to get more deeply involved. So we developed a game around the original idea: after some freefight-punching, the voice of a virtual trainer guides you through different sound themes teaching you various punch combinations. The trainer evaluates your punching and constantly gives you feedback on your performance: if you fail to re-punch the combinations correctly you'll get kicked out of the training program.

SoundSlam 2.0 is - as far as we know - the first video game that doesn't make use of video at all! Using audio as the only feedback channel gives the player the freedom to fully concentrate on the heavy bag and on his punching.

The project was realised especially for the GameArt Exhibition

  • aesthetics
    • acoustic
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    • game art
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    • Power and Politics
      • violence
    • Society and Culture
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