Haptic Opposition


Haptic Opposition ,
  • Haptic Opposition
    325 × 244
Haptic Opposition is centered around a mechanically movable text display driven both by human beings and machine control. Different modes of force feedback interaction are embedded, as machine on its own, following the human movements, or opposing to them.
A human being gets attracted by this actions and touches the display. The machine feels this physical contact and enters interaction mode.
The main command variable is the aimed force between the slide and the hand. If the machine and the human being are in harmony, the force is controlled to zero and the display can be moved very easily. The internal state of the machine changes over time and depending on the particular movements. This leads to opposing forces against the user. Through strong sidewise strokes the machine tries to shake off the human hand. The device is now aggressive. When the human being holds the slider firmly and withstands the strong pushes, a secret message is revealed. The machine mystery is forced out against the machine's opposition.
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