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Michael Bielicky

Menora/Inventur , ongoing
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    600 × 600
In front of the Memory Void in the Jewish Museum Berlin, there is a seven-armed candelabrum - the installation Menora by the artist Michael Bielicky. Instead of flames, seven monitors, on which fire signals flicker, crown the candelabrum. The signal for the televisions is received from a transmitter hidden in the permanent exhibition. Through the hidden transmitter, Bielicky's intention is to remind us that the roots of life, and indeed of Judaism, are always hidden. His video sculpture invites the museum visitor to reflect on society's reliance on and obsession with the media, showing the television as a religious cult object. A further intention of the artist is to make the visitor look ahead to a lively and modern future of Judaism.

(Jüdisches Museum, Berlin)
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