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    500 × 366
The Flock is a group of musical interactive sound sculptures which exhibit behaviors analogous to the flocking found in natural groups such as birds, schooling fish or flying bats. Flocking behaviors demonstrate characteristics of supra organization, of a series of animals or artificial life forms that act as one creature. They are complex, interdependent interactions which require individual flocking members to be aware of their position in relation to other flocking members. Our Flock consists of three 9 1/2 foot long jointed robotic arms, constructed from grapevines, which hang from the ceiling and interact with viewers, participants and each other. Each dangling arm has an array of three infrared sensors, projecting out from the top of the arm, which function as active eyes and permit the sculptures to avoid participants walking around the installation. Another infrared eye at the tip of each arm functions to allow the sculptures to approach and simultaneously react to participants presence. Each arm also has an array of four microphones which function as ears allowing the sculpture to move toward participants. The microphones are placed so relative volume levels of viewer/participants voices can be monitored.
Kenneth E. Rinaldo
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