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The Cyber-Squeek series spoofs the emergence of machine intelligence, in which electronics integrated with life-like forms, have begun to squeak their first words; in their language. Through multiple sensors and switches they respond to human touch and a changing light environment, which induces them to emit emphatic squawking sounds.

This digital, cacophonous and disjointed forest analogizes the forest of information that we are immersed in. They epitomize collective chaotic activity as an anolog for the complex and dynamic processes that constitute life. They characterize life as large populations of simple organisms, interacting nonlinearly in the creation of collective global dynamics and life-like behavior.

The intersection and coevolution of human cultures with technological information based systems has created an emergent web of data, images and ideas that surround the globe and interact in a similar nonlinear fashion. The emergent behaviors from this coevolution of the biological and technological systems are resulting in the collapse of international borders, visualization of the earth as a total interdependent living system, an emergent form of consciousness through digital transmissions, perception extension through computer mediated vision systems and an overall collapse of space-time.

The call to the artistic, scientific, media based community, should be to immediately turn to development and implementation of worldwide distributed fiber optic networks that simultaneously receive and send information with force feedback suits and advanced virtual environments, permitting the fusing of computer based networks and human minds into a distributed emergent consciousness.

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