One-person Touchscreen Cinema Showing 14 Interactive Movies

Chris Hales

One-person Touchscreen Cinema Showing 14 Interactive Movies ,
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  • one-person touchscreen cinema showing 14 intreractive movies
    230 × 137
This collection of experimental interactive movies, made by the artist over several years, shows live-action works in which the visual metaphors for interaction are inherent in the filmic material. Because the movies are conceived from a visual approach, script writing is not involved in its traditional sense. The films can be selected on the touch screen from a menu which divides the works into five different categories according to the main area of investigation of each film : Landscape, Spatial Navigation, Documentary, Multiscreen, Fictional comedy.
  • aesthetics
    • experimental
    • interactive
  • subjects
    • Media and Communication
      • motion pictures (visual works)
  • technology
    • hardware
      • touch screens
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