Sally or the Bubble Burst

T. Dove
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Toni Dove

Sally or the Bubble Burst ,
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  • Sally or the Bubble Burst, Sally
    720 × 432
  • Sally or the Bubble Burst, Bubble
    720 × 432
Sally or The Bubble Burst is an interactive DVD-ROM that uses speech recognition and synthesis to allow viewers to converse with famed 1930ís performer Sally Rand [played by Helen Pickett]. In three interactive ªzones,´ viewers manipulate a hypnotic performance of Sallyís notorious bubble dance, hear observations about the Depression from a chorus of objects [including two bubbles, a chair, a shawl and a radio] voiced by well known downtown performers Shelley Hirsch, Lisa Karrer, Judy Nylon, Eric Mingus, and Gregory Whitehead and speak directly to Sally in an interactive conversation using a microphone. A viewer can also use the keyboard to make Sally speak any text or change her attitude and expressions.
  • aesthetics
    • acoustic
    • interactive
    • uncanny
    • visual
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
Technology & Material
Macintosh G4 or G5 computer with keyboard and mouse, amplifier and speakers, microphone, video projector. Table and chairs for viewers.
Installation Requirements / Space
Roomsize variable. Room needs to be quiet for speech recognition.