The Bush Soul (#2)

Rebecca Allen

The Bush Soul (#2) ,
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  • The Bush Soul # 2, 1998
    1309 × 493
  • The Bush Soul # 2, 1998
    1309 × 493
  • The Bush Soul # 2, 1998
    1309 × 493
Bush Soul # 2 is the second work in a series of three interactive art installations, presented as a three screen panoramic immersive environment.

(Rebecca Allen)
  • aesthetics
    • immersive
    • interactive
    • panoramatic
    • three-dimensional
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • panoramas
Technology & Material
"The Bush Soul" is the first work to be created with "Emergence". Emergence is a PC-based, real-time 3D software system that supports an active, responsive, networked, virtual world. This system was designed and developed by Rebecca Allen and a team of UCLA computer science and design students for the creation of interactive art.

The Emergence system includes a unique 3D engine to handle the rendering and display of three-dimensional, texture-mapped characters and environments, and a physics based behavior system that enables complex behaviors and interactions between all objects in the environment. In addition, a high-level behavior scripting language has been developed to allow for the specification of behaviors and relationships between characters. Sounds, such as voice, music or ambient effects are linked to objects and characters to enhance the sense of life and space.