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With Don Foresta, Tom Sherman and Tommaso Trini. URL: (13.08.2013).
Source: With Don Foresta, Tom Sherman and Tommaso Trini. URL: (13.08.2013).

Roy Ascott

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The «daily news» was the theme of this project in which more than 100 artists on three continents participated. The artists worked with computers, video text, slow-scan-TV, and telefax. The live activities in Venice lasted a period of 14 days, followed by a two-month-long Artex Conference financed by the I. P. Sharp Network. The term artist is expanded here to ‹participant› without it limiting the professional status. In this way too, the «artwork» becomes the work of several individuals. The participating cities were: Venice, Sydney, Honolulu, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Boston, Bristol, Paris, and Milan.
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