1993, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU
Source: 1993, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU
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Anthroposcope Concept

Anthroposcope is an interactive installation involving a microscope, a real plant and a fingertip pulse sensor. The heart bit sensor being clipped onto the visitor's fingertip, he or she can explore through the viewfinder of the microscope three dimensional abstract virtual organisms, all being produced through an algorithm.

According to parameters coming both from the plant biological pulses being sampled continuously and the heart pulse measurements of the visitor, the algorithm will generate new types of virtual organisms that the visitor can manipulate and explore by moving the microscope knobs of the specimen plate, one knob for left-right panning, one for forward and backward movements and one for zooming into the inner structure of the captured organism.

"Anthroposcope" (c) 93, Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau
  • aesthetics
    • animated
    • illusionary
    • visual
  • genres
    • bioart
      • genetic art
  • technology
    • displays
    • interfaces
      • body sensors
      • non-electronic interfaces
        • plants (as non-electronic interfaces)
Technology & Material
1 Binocular microscope
1 Plant EEG signal Interface
1 Oximeter interface (pulse sensor)
1 Computer
1 High resolution monitor
1 Wooden Table
1 Plant
1 Optical binocular microscope
Costumed made optical trackers on microscope
Optical system to bring High Resolution computer images to the microscope viewfinder
Oximeter finger clip to measure heart pulses from user
Analog to Digital Converter for the Oximeter
Plant EEG signal interface
Plant electrodes
Signal amplification and filtering
Analog to Digital conversion
Serial data communication
Galvanic isolation
Real time 3D rendering according to the microscope interaction, the pulse sensor and the plant EEG signals
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