Place - Urbanity

Source: Jeffrey Shaw

Jeffrey Shaw

Place - Urbanity ,
Co-workers & Funding
Application Software: Adolf Mathias
Platform, screen and Interface Engineering: Huib Nelissen
Computing Hardware Integration: Torsten Ziegler
Audio Design: Torsten Belschner
  • Place urbanity
    640 × 480
  • Gesamtansicht der Installation Place Urbanity
    440 × 330
  • Place Urbanity
    1280 × 960
  • Place Urbanity
    1280 × 960
  • Place Urbanity
    1280 × 960
  • Place Urbanity
    1280 × 138
Melbourne is a notably multicultural city because of the size and diversity of its many immigrant communities. Melbourne also has the reputation of being the comedy capital of Australia. PLACE ‚ URBANITY presents fifteen fully panoramic video recordings of various urban locations in Melbourne that each identify the districts of a specific immigrant and/or ethnic community: Chinese, Macedonian, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Jewish, Aboriginal, African, Serbian, Indian, Australian, Egyptian and Lebanese.

The installation allows the viewer to rotate a projected image within a fully surrounding 9m diameter projection screen. A virtual pscyho-geographic reconstruction of the Melbourne urban landscape presents the fifteen panoramic recordings within a series of architectonic cylinders on whose interior walls these videos are viewable. When exploring each of the panoramic scenes the visitor will find a comedian, hanging upside down, who when coming into view will tell a joke. Each comedian is a member of the particular ethnic community represented in their panorama surroundings, and their jokes reflect critically and humorously their distinctive identities within the Australian social and geographical context.
  • aesthetics
    • documenting
    • installation-based
    • interactive
    • narrative
    • navigable
    • performative
    • virtual
    • visual
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
  • subjects
    • Art and Science
      • documentation
      • geography
      • representation of knowledge
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • panoramas
      • spectator
      • theater
    • Body and Psychology
      • identity
      • performativity
    • Media and Communication
      • communication
    • Society and Culture
      • ethnicity
      • migration
      • urban space
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • projection screens
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
ZKM_Kubus ::
Sound Design: Torsten Belschner, Software: Adolf Mathias und Andreas Kiel, Hardware: Huib Nelissen