Industrial Evolution

2000, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU
Source: 2000, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU

(collective) Sommerer / Mignonneau

Industrial Evolution ,
Co-workers & Funding
Developed for Vision Ruhr - International exhibition of media art at the Zeche Zollern, Dortmund, Germany
Supported by ATR Media Integration and Communications Research Lab, Kyoto
Design support: Roberto Lopez Gulliver
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In the installation "Industrial Evolution," users can interact with historic images from the time of the Industrial Revolution. Images of factories, mines, assembly lines, production facilities and related administration facilities show the public's fascination with the technical accomplishments of those times, somehow similar to our fascination with the digital revolution of our times. Images selected partly refer to the "Zeche Zollern," a coal mine in the Ruhrgebiet region of Germany, while others are taken from factories and production mills around the world. Many of these images have originally been captured as stereo images, they have been viewed by a so called "stereo viewer" to create a 3D immersive effect for the viewer.

Driven by the desire to combine these historic images with modern digital technology and to make them interactively accessible to the users, we have created a virtual reality system that enables interactive real-time integration of users into and interaction with these historic images. As a user of the system steps into the installation environment he will find himself projected onto the screen in front of him and three-dimensionally integrated into these images. When moving in the installation space he also moves in the virtual space of the three-dimensional historic image, the space dimension of the real space being exactly matched to the dimension of the virtual space.
  • aesthetics
    • immersive
    • installation-based
    • interactive
    • projected
    • visual
  • subjects
    • History and Memory
      • history
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • projection screens
        • projectors
    • hardware
      • cameras
      • data gloves
Technology & Material
1 video projector
1 room with background lights
indirect lights
2 cameras
1 computer
2 video cameras
1 3D video tracking interface hardware
Depth reconstruction of black and white archive images (~ 1920 - 1930)
Real time depth integration of video images and depth image archives
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