Frequency and Volume, Relational Architecture 9

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Frequency and Volume, Relational Architecture 9 ,
Co-workers & Funding
  • frequency and volume relational architecture 9
    85 × 128
  • "Frequency and Volume" Photo by Antimodular Research
    591 × 888
  • "Frequency and Volume"Photo by Antimodular Research
    945 × 628
"Frequency and Volume" consists of between 100 and 800 square metres of projected shadows which allow participants to scan the radio spectrum of the city with their bodies. As a shadow appears it tunes any radio frequency between 150kHz to 1.5GHz based on its position monitored by a video tracking system. The size of the shadow controls the volume gain of the specific audio channel. We can have 16 frequencies tuned simultaneously and the resulting sound environment is a composition controlled by people's movements. This piece investigates the contested radio space in the context of the increased surveillance of the body as an antenna. The system tunes all sorts of signals including air traffic control, short wave radio, cell phones, police, taxi dispatch, pagers and more.
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
    • sound art
      • sound installations
  • subjects
    • Body and Psychology
      • bodies (animal components)
    • Power and Politics
      • surveillance
  • technology
    • displays
      • non-electronic displays
        • house walls
Technology & Material
Year of Creation: 2003
Technique: Projectors, cameras, computers, radioelectric scanners, antennae, radios and 48 channel sound system.
Dimensions: Variable dimensions.
Keywords: shadows, projections, indoor, tracker.
Collections: Fundación Sorigue (Lleida) and Jonathon Carroll Collection (NYC)