Mon Ami Bleu

Myriam Thyes
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Myriam Thyes

Mon Ami Bleu , ongoing
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Fortunat Frölich: Music
  • Mon Ami Bleu
    1920 × 1080
Mon Ami Bleu, by Fortunat Frölich (music) + Myriam Thyes (animation), 3D HD video, stereoscopic 3D animation, 3D sound, 13:55

Mon Ami Bleu (My Blue Friend) – a multimedia contemplation of a painting. The composer Fortunat Frölich and the video artist Myriam Thyes look at the painting ‘Homage to Mandelbrot No. 11 – Skywalk’ by the Grisons painter Otto W. Liesch. They translate their contemplation of the painting into their respective medium – the composer into polyphonic music, the video artist into a spatial animation. The music and the animation also relate to each other. Thus, a multi-layered multimedia experience emerges from viewing the painting.
The music was performed by the Hradec Kràlové Philharmonic Orchestra, with the conductor Kaspar Zehnder. 3D audio recording and mixing: Lasse Nipkow.
Technology & Material
stereoscopic 3D animation