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Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss
Editorial Team: Gabriele Blome, Katja Heckes
Technical Team: Predrag Peranovic, Kai-Uwe Kunze
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Tele-Lectures - Streaming Service 2001-2004
has a wide range of video documentation of lectures by renowned artists and academics produced in collaboration with well-known partners from the fields of culture and science. Selected lecture series on “Iconic Turn“, ”Migrating Images“, “Frames of Viewing“, “Mapping“, “Generative Tools“ and “Cordless” were recorded with the help of a mobile streaming lab and broadcast live to the lecture theaters of the associated universities. Networking lecture theaters widens the possibilities of teaching on home territory and is the first model for the “classroom of the future”. It is a podium for lectures by hitherto less well-known academics and artists as well as internationally renowned speakers. They cover a wide range of topics: The film director Wim Wenders, for example, speaks about »Every Picture Tells a Story – of Places as Authors«, robotics researcher Rolf Pfeifer about »The Visualization of Intelligence«, art historian Barbara Stafford about »Images of Knowledge« and art expert Boris Groys about »Exiting the Image«. A player developed specifically for the films provides additional information about the context of the lectures.
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