Domingues, D.
Source: Domingues, D.

Diana Domingues

Co-workers & Funding
Diana Domingues, Eliseo Berni Reategui
Prof. Dr Diana Domingues

Research Laboratory for New Technologies in Visual Arts – NTAV
Artecno Research Group
University of Caxias do Sul – UCS

UCS, CNPq, Fapergs and Telemar Cultural Center
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In the center of the landscape, a lake (eye of the earth) is the mirror to a virtual cosmos, where life is designed by the stars' behaviors which simulate a living organism. An artificial world crowded with dots of lights and sounds, generate trough interactivity, the reconfiguration of the sky, whose self-organization is guided by an artificial intelligence software. The environment shows a collective behavior based on the proximity and on the stars' desire of light and to stay together. Each star is an agent that manifests its wish to live in community. The collective life of the stars, following a light source, provokes mutant constellations, and determines the cosmos' autonomy and instability. The dialogue of the visitor with the star touched by the interface, causes the figures approximation in several levels, whose shapes enter in the void of the landscape and incite illusions of the senses by the immateriality of the stereoscopic vision. The called star emits sounds that become stronger, in a desire to communicate, to unveil its identity. The stars/characters in human history, are recognized in the abstraction of the sounds, noises, voices. The identity of the connected myth, among the pop star population which inhabits the firmament transformed in sound icons, trigger flows of mental images which let us recognize the myth that has been called. Messages are exchanged with a database composed of actions, objects, qualities and other circumstances which characterize the myths' lives, enter by the internet configuring a global digital hypermemory. Sentences are searched and written, in real time, adding narratives about each myth to the abstraction of sounds and words, and sharing ideas with the virtual community. The consciousness process resulted by the interchanges between the body physiology and the epiphanies of the virtual world, makes the total perception of the environment a laboratory phenomenon. The body intertwined with the environment experiments the sensoriality of the interfaces, eliminating the notions of external and internal worlds. The star metaphor, coming from physics, is shaken by the virtual reality immersive technologies and by the planetary hyperconnections. The relationship with the environment reaffirms the principle of uncertainty in the fertility of the "phaos", the luminous "phaos" in self-regeneration. The dialogue with the cosmos give us the shamanic power to enter the intimate relationship with the physical phenomena. The symbiosis of the body and the virtual environment experiments give us interactive ways to live in the post-biological era. The digital premise is reaffirmed: "I am according to my connections”.
  • aesthetics
    • immersive
    • installation-based
    • interactive
  • genres
    • installations
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • virtuality
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
        • projection screens
        • virtual retinal display (VRD)
    • interfaces
      • body sensors
      • interactive media
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
Networked installation, augmented reality, mobile phone, tablet, stereoscopic vision, search engine.
Interaction: cell phone and internet (for sending messages), tablet (for rearranging constellations in the sky).