Domingues, D.
Source: Domingues, D.

Diana Domingues

14#BIS ,
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Msc. Camila Hamdan; Msc. Leci Augusto; Leandro Gaby Andersen Trindade; Luis Gustavo Souza Silva - Laboratório de Pesquisa em Arte e TecnoCiência/LART da Universidade de Brasília/Gama (FGA)
  • 14-bis
    720 × 482
  • 14 bis
    4999 × 3685
  • 14 bis
    511 × 340
  • 14-bis
    391 × 262
  • 14-Bis
    535 × 357
  • 14bis
    600 × 450
  • 14bis
    600 × 450
Expanded interactions and mixed landscape generate the 14#bis biocybrid system, to celebrate the 50th birthay of Brasilia. In a public event, by exploring mobile and locative interface in mixed reality, we put in the sky of the Brazilian capital, the pioneer aerospatial invention of Santos Dumont in mixed reality geolocated technology. We modelled the historical plane which appears in real scale in augmented reality, and the absence/presence state is homologated though a mobile device in computer vision. The system reaffirms the post biological extrusion of human vision, by the act of seeing shared with the satellite eye in the sky and the handled eye in the mobile device by expanding the neuropsychophysiology human perception. Tag in AR placed in GPS (Global Positioning System) and the possibility of geodesic coordinates create a co-located event for human body. What is vision now? What is real and virtual world? We propose the biocybrid condition of human existence, being co-located in the continuum zone between body and flesh - cyberspace and data - mixed to the hybrid properties of physical space. The reengineering of life when acting by synthetic senses, living here and there in physical space and cyberspace – offer a different scenario for the theater of life through biocybrid narratives. The world where we live is no longer the same we lived in before the explosion of interfaces in our lives.
  • aesthetics
    • mobile
    • multi-user
  • subjects
    • Technology and Innovation
      • mobility
      • simulation
  • technology
    • displays
      • electronic displays
    • interfaces
      • interactive media
        • augmented reality interfaces
    • software
      • Global Positioning System (GPS)
      • software interfaces
      • wireless sensor networks (WSN)
Technology & Material
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Cell Can
Smartphones - Android 2.0