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Datapoint Visualization by Javier Villegas (2010)
Sponsored by NASA''s Spitzer Science Center; California Institute of Technology; William Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena; UC Santa Barbara Faculty Senate Research Grant; Media Arts & Technology, UCSB; The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts and FLIR Systems.
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I received an invitation to work with the NASA Spitzer Space Center at CalTech in 2008 to realize an installation project for the exhibition OBSERVE held at the Art Center of College of Design in Pasadena. Following discussions and presentations by the scientists I chose to focus on the chronological sequence of where the scientists were looking with the Spitzer infrared space satellite in the universe. NASA Spitzer’s mission began in 2003 and ended in 2009. The historical research was done by Andres Burbano Valdes, today professor in Barcelona, and the upcoming Chair of Siggraph in 2024. The engineering was realized by Javier Villegas who did his Ph.D on “An Analysis-Synthesis Approach to the Creative Processing of Video Signals”.

The installation included two large screen projections in the installation. One projection featured the chronological sequence of where scientists chose to point the infrared Spitzer satellite in the universe and the other projection featured the same sequence of views but with a prototype military grade infra-red camera positioned in the gallery space donated by Flir Systems: https://www.flir.com/ This camera picked up the heat presence of spectators in the gallery space.
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