On the Road

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  • On The Road
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  • On The Road
    7050 × 4710
  • On the Road
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“On the Road”, consists of twelve lenticular panels that explore the cinematic narrative potential of the photographic image in non-electronic form. The exhibition’s title “On The Road” makes reference to the defining work of the Beat Generation’s Jack Kerouac’s portrait of the search for personal meaning during the Cold War. Legrady was 20 when he went on his 1 year voyage, at a critical time when North American culture was once more transitioning, this time during the hippie counterculture era. 1970-1971 was a time of global conflict and tension
signaled by the Vietnam war, and in Montreal where the artist resided, by the
separatist movement actions October Crisis.
Each lenticular is related to a place such as Jerusalem, Istanbul, Rome, Montreal, Athens, Istanbul, consisting of photographs taken in those places during the artist’s one year trip to Europe and the Middle East. The images are organized according to locations visited but also selected according to subject matter to give a sense of visual story-telling in relation to place.
The lenticular panels include from 4 to 6 photographic layers that transition from one to another as viewers change their position in front of the image. The photographic layers are either distinct images in themselves, or composites of multiple photographs to accentuate visual density and narrative complexity.
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