Twin Depths

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  • Twin Depths
    650 × 485
Video Installation.
A series of perfomances 'An attempt to return back to native element'.

The installation consists seven screens with loop playing seven movies. It is based on a series of performances 'An attempt to return back to native element' that were streamed live on youtube.
The idea of this action is that we live in a world where nature is suffering under pressure of humans different activities. Its consequences: fires, droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis - are extremely dangerous for a future of earth. It may become uninhabitable for all living things.
Supposing that humanity will continue destroying natural environment I decided to propose an alternative way of living.
It is well known that we all (living organisms) came out of ocean. For billions of years of evolution, we have achieved a lot by turning from blue-green algae into people armed with a video camera, computer, smartphone ... And now artist, 70% consisting of water, is trying to return to native element and to repeat routine banal 'on surface' actions, that make up our terrestrial life, in the warm tender water of Kotor Bay, among fishes, crabs and sea urchins. The series began on August 7, 2018 with the performance 'Sweeping the bottom'.
Action was lasting seven days and every attempt to settle under water ended in complete failure.

Seven monitors show looping movies from day 1 to Day 7.
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