Inland Wonderland

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Alexandra Dementieva

Inland Wonderland ,
Co-workers & Funding
production: Adem vzw
supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap culturele activiteiten premie, in partnership with iMAL, nadine
Object design : Peter Maschke
Programming : Yacine Sebti
  • Inland Wonderland Interactive sculpture
    568 × 700
Our universe obeys to the logic of four interactions - gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, weak - affecting it (not counting the Higgs field). Chaos on the other hand is only produced by human activity and our heads are the omnipotent producers of this phenomenon.
Inland Wonderland translates this contrast in interaction with the visitor who activates the helmet by lowering it. A human figure begins to move and starts to run in disorder, triggering other characters who are also running. The animation of people in chaotic motion lasts as long as the viewer holds the helmet.
  • aesthetics
    • interactive
    • tactile
  • genres
    • digital animation
    • hybrid art
    • installations
  • subjects
    • Magic and Phantastic
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