The Carousel

Peter William Holden
Source: Peter William Holden
  • The Carousel
    2667 × 1500
The Carousel, 2022 (Materials) | 8 Kodak Carousel S, Paper, Aluminium, Custom Made Electronics. Dimensions: 0.6m x 1.0m x 2.8m

The sculpture utilizes eight Kodak Carousel S slide film projectors arranged in a 2x4 grid to produce an analog generative animation. Emphasizing the artificial: the way technology forges illusions. The slide frames contain no film but paper cutouts, a homage to cinematographies' roots in shadow theater.

Modified Kodak timers with photoresistors create a poetic feedback loop like an Ouroboros. The ambient light of the machine itself fuels the selection of future images! Thus, enabling the artwork to reach a massive potential of 65536 unique abstract projections. And in so doing so composes an animation - operating with no set duration running on an infinite loop.

Drone-like sounds of whirling fans within the projectors are accentuated with the rhythmical and mechanical clicks of the projector's internal cam-driven logic controllers to form an abstract audial composition. Unlike conventional animation, the artwork runs at a reduced frame rate of 12 frames per minute. The inspiration for this is ambient music, the beauty space can give to sound, and how that concept can be applied abstractly to animation.
Technology & Material
8 Kodak Carousel S, Paper, Aluminium, light-sensitive timers.
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