Matrix XII Krems

Erwin Redl (artist), LoxPix (photographs)
Source: Erwin Redl (artist), LoxPix (photographs)

Erwin Redl

Matrix XII Krems , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Funded by the State Gallery of Lower Austria, Krems
  • Matrix XII Krems
    1920 × 1280
  • Matrix XII Krems
    1920 × 1280
  • Matrix XII Krems
    1920 × 1280
  • Matrix XII Krems
    1920 × 1080
“Matrix XII Krems” connects the new State Gallery of Lower Austria and the Kunsthalle Krems in a vast space below ground. The individual lights are arranged in a strict square grid on a slanted plane and delineate the border between emptiness and structure. The visitors immerse themselves into the room to become part of the work. The large, completely darkened exhibition space itself becomes an immersive virtual reality. Because of its strict square grid layout, the light installation, seamlessly embedded into the architecture, is being perceived as “un-real”. Aesthetically the installation refers to early virtual reality and sci-fi classics such as Tron and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The friction between “real” architecture and “un-real” light installation creates a perceptual tension between knowing where we are but not knowing what we see. The authenticity of reality starts to crumble. The visitors need to reexamine their corporeal reality within a new, hybrid space and explore the environment slowly, step by step.

The technological aspects of the installation are reduced to an absolute minimum to underline the ephemeral and virtual character of the work. The blue LEDs are vertically suspended from thin, free-floating wires and weight down by small weights on the bottom of each wire. The wires are connected to a horizontal aircraft cable substructure stretched close to the ceiling across the entire room. The low-voltage electrical current is supplied to the LEDs through this cable substructure.
  • aesthetics
    • ephemeral
    • immersive
    • installation-based
    • site-specific
    • sublime
    • tactile
    • three-dimensional
  • genres
    • installations
  • subjects
    • Arts and Visual Culture
      • architecture
  • technology
    • displays
      • non-electronic displays
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
Medium: Light Installation with 740 blue LEDs
Dimensions: Variable, Large space required
State Gallery of Lower Austria: 29,1 x 21,3 x 4,8m (lengths x width x height)
Light Installation with 740 blue LEDs
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