Photosynthetic Me

© Photo Andrea Macchia, Video Vanessa Vozzo ; Vanessa Vozzo and Andrea Macchia

Vanessa Vozzo

Photosynthetic Me ,
Co-workers & Funding
concept and design_interactive and vr system
Vanessa V

scientific design
Vincenzo Guarnieri

Andrea Macchia

Alessia Gervasone

in collaboration with
The Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of Turin (IT)
Mara Brancaccio
Interface Culture – Kunstuniversität Linz
  • Photosynthetic Me
    1280 × 720
Photosynthetic Me is a bioart, interactive and Immersive installation that emerges from a process-based experiment around the topic of becoming plant-like. In the project, a biotechnologist activates a photosynthetic system in a situation of altered evolution that can make Vanessa V self-sufficient for food and energy requirements and, eventually, a producer of energy (energy-autarkic system).
In the installation, the visitor jumps from being an observer to being a protagonist through an effective embodied narrative process.

Innovative technologies that allow techniques such as CRISPR bring up again the debate around genetics since it places us in front of new scientific possibilities that strongly affect important issues in our contemporary society.
Photosynthetic me deals with some ethical questions related to this debate: what if we could replace the diseased?parts of our DNA? What if we could?swap genes with other species,?becoming thin and motionless like leaves? Can I evolve in my imperfection? Is it really possible to be perfect?
  • aesthetics
    • experimental
    • installation-based
    • interactive
    • processual
    • real-time
    • time-based
    • virtual
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    • bioart
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Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
Cinema 360°, video, documentary, interactive systems