Digital Accidents

kondition pluriel
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kondition pluriel

Digital Accidents , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Department of Digital Arts, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

With the support of:
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts,
Conseil des Arts de Montréal
  • Digital Accidents
    5184 × 3456
  • Digital Accidents
    5184 × 3456
  • Digital Accidents
    5184 × 3456
  • Digital Accidents
    3662 × 2616
Series of 3D prints in polymer additive plaster, highlighting the interrelation between real objects and their 3D virtual counterparts. The 3D print "Inevitable Beauty" is subjected to a temporal maelstrom in its fabrication, while "Compulsive Commodity" embodies an organic disaster, materially altered, now semi-transparent carcass. A reflection on performativity through staging of the inanimate and of defective feedback loops. A fascination for spectacle and a voyeuristic attitude in the face of imminent catastrophes.

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