Multiplicity N°19

2001, Elke Reinhuber, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
© Invitationcard: exhibition Nebelleben, Ahrenshoop ; 2001, Elke Reinhuber, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Elke Reinhuber

Multiplicity N°19 ,
  • Multiplicity N°19 Kinetic Object
    1843 × 1305
  • Multiplicity N°19
    1843 × 1305
  • Multiplicity
    1421 × 1070
  • Multiplicity N°19
    268 × 268
These manually created photomontages were created as the basis for an op-art style silkscreen series and its further development as a kinetic object.
A black square.
Lines without a vanishing point, 119 in number.
Phases of a self-portrait.
Light and dark.
Focusing and getting lost in the flickering grid.
The up and down between horizontal and vertical.
Turning on its own axis is not a movement from A to B.

The source of inspiration for this kinetic object was the Op-Art art of the 60s. As they captivated the recipients by strong contrasts, here a depth effect is created by additional movement of the graphic patterns.
The central motif is based on 5 self-portraits that were taken in profile, laterally and frontally and then assembled photographically to a picture, this is backed by a grid of lines.
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    • Body and Psychology
      • identity
Technology & Material
Kinetic light object, Screenprint, Photomontage
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